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About Securitisation.It

Subscription Benefits

saves industry participants time and money by consolidating comprehensive and accurate performance data, industry content, and surveillance tools in one, convenient location.

Instant and Complete Access to Mission Critical Data

Subscribing you have complete access to the the database of the securitisation Deals closed in Italy after Law 130/99, providing technical and quantitative information about each Deal. Using the available search engines you can set up and download aggregate datasets. All the data can be exported to Excel (.cvs files) quickly and easily.

Comprehensive & Accurate Data

You can be confident that you are viewing accurate data on ABSNet across all asset classes. Standard & Poor's and Fitch rely on this data for their asset-backed securities surveillance process and require that all data goes through a rigorous verification process before it is posted on the site.

SPV detailed Data

Subscribers only can complete access to detailed ID data of Special Purpose Vehicles ('societ� per la cartolarizzazione dei crediti'), registered at the Bank of Italy according to Law 130/99, and some performance reports and servicer reports of existing deals, when available.

Subscribers reserved Reports

The Research section offers several securitisation Researches viewable by Subscribers only.

Regulation Section

Subscription allows you to get Italian 'in force' rules about securitisation (Laws and Government Decrees and Supervision Agencies regulations) and other relevant technical documentation.

'One-Stop Shopping' Convenience

With , you no longer have to search through multiple channels and collect hard copy documents to find the information you need. With its broad collection of online documents and in-depth database, Subscription provides all the information in one convenient location.

More Subscription advantages

Every year, edits the 'Annual Report on Italian securitisation market' and the 'Six-monthly Report on Italian securitisation market'. It costs 50% off for 12-months-Subscribers only.

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