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About Securitisation.It

Site Content

The web site is divided into different topic areas:


In this section you will find the most recent and relevant information on the securitisation market. For any news item you will find an abstract and full version by clicking on the title.


The Deals section contains the database of the securitisation deals closed in Italy after Law 130/99, providing technical and quantitative information about each Deal. Using the available search engines you can set up and download aggregate datasets.


This section provides identification data of the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicles), authorized by the Bank of Italy according to Law 130/99, their annual balance sheets (in .pdf format) and some performance reports and servicer reports of existing deals, when available.


In this section you can buy on demand and download (in .pdf format) documents dealing with securitisation topics: surveys, reports and analysis.


This section provides (in .pdf format) all the Italian 'in force' rules about securitisation (Laws and Government Decrees and Supervision Agencies regulations) and other relevant technical documentation. More, you can find the EU related directives.


This section provides a selected list of studies (Books, Articles, and Working Papers) dealing with securitisation. Studies are in their original language (most are in English or Italian) and can be conveniently found by references. Some of the books can be purchased at (hyperlink provided). Some Articles and Working Papers offer, if available, the publishing review hyperlink.


In this section you will find the agenda of forthcoming events (seminars, meetings, conferences) regarding securitisation and related topics. When available, you will find the link to the event and its organisers.


This section provides the hyperlink to 's partners. The partners contribute to the development of the web site by providing information, comments and other useful items. Investment banks, consulting firms, auditing firms, agent banks, rating agencies and information providers are some of 's partners. If you are interested in finding out more, click HERE.


This section provides a list of the most used terms related to securitisation.