Italian Securitisation Resources


In chronological order, you can find the list of all the securitisation Deals which have been completed since July 1999, after Law 130/1999 came into force.

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Asset Class Deal Name Originator Issuer Date
Other CF Finance Credifarma Spa CF Finance Srl 2003-03-31
RMBS Marche Mutui Nuova Banca Marche Spa Marche Mutui Società per la Cartolarizzazione Srl 2003-03-31
NPL Mutina BPER Banca Spa Mutina Srl 2003-03-20
Lease Receivable Maestrale Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara Spa Maestrale Srl 2003-03-20
RMBS Sintonia Fin Banca Popolare di Cremona Scarl Sintonia Finance Srl 2003-03-14
RMBS Mantegna Fin II Banca Agricola Mantovana Spa Mantegna Finance II Srl 2003-03-14
Other Cartesio 2003-1 Intesa Sanpaolo Spa Cartesio Srl 2003-03-05
RMBS Giotto Fin 2 Banca Antoniana Popolare Veneta Scarl Giotto Finance 2 Spa 2003-02-28
RMBS Intesa 2 Intesa San Paolo S.p.A. Intesa 2 Sec. Srl 2003-02-27
RMBS Berica 3 Banca Popolare di Vicenza Spa Berica 3 MBS Srl 2003-02-18