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According to the recent amendments to the Italian law on securitisation SPVs are now allowed to purchase the asset securing securitised receivables - including real estate or other asset types deriving from leasing agreements (equipment, etc.), or acquire stakes in companies -, and to extend additional financing to securitised borrowers.


The main purpose of these amendments is to facilitate the securitisation of NPL for which there are prospects of return to bonis and encourage participation in bankruptcy auctions.


On March 20, 2017 ECB released the final version of its Guidance to Banks on Non-Performing Loans, in a context where high NPL levels have a negative impact on lending to the economy and on banks profitability.


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RMBS Civitas SPV 2017 Banca Popolare di Cividale Scpa
Civitas SPV Srl 2017-07-19 
NPL GACS Elrond NPL 2017 Credito Siciliano S.p.A.
Elrond NPL 2017 S.r.l. 2017-07-14 
Personal Loan Annette 2017 Pitagora Spa
Annette S.r.l. 2017-07-12 
Covered Bond Unicredit Spa - Eur. 25 bn OBG Programme - Series 2017-4 Unicredit Spa Unicredit SpA 2017-07-11 
NPL GACS Brisca Securitization 2017 Banca Carige Italia Spa
Brisca Securitization Srl 2017-07-05 

2017-07-19 NPL Investor Demand - June 2017 130 Finance
2017-07-19 NPL Servicing 2017 130 Finance
2017-07-13 Italian SPVs Issue 2/17 - June 2017 - Full Report 130 Finance
2017-07-13 Italian SPVs Issue 2/17 - June 2017 - Abstract for Registered Users 130 Finance
2017-07-06 Recent amendments to the Italian Securitization law 130/1999 Bank of Italy
2017-06-28 Decree n.99 25 June 2017 - Technical Note b- Disposizioni urgenti per la liquidazione coatta amministrativa di Banca popolare di Vicenza S.p.A. e di Veneto Banca S.p.A. D.L. 99 / A.C. 4565 Italian Government
2017-06-25 Decree n.99 - 25 June 2017 - Liquidazione coatta amministrativa di Banca Popolare di Vicenza S.p.A. e di Veneto Banca S.p.A. Italian Government
2017-03-20 Guidance to banks on non-performing loans (Eng. Version) ECB European Central Bank
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