Italian Securitisation Resources

SIGN UP has been developed by 130 Finance in 2000, together with industry professionals, academics, corporate advisors and leading domestic and international institutions from the securitisation industry.

The pages of the site are updated and maintained on a daily basis, and fed with details of the public deals since 1999. Most of the published research contents are produced internally, on a fully independent basis. The documents published are mainly focused on the primary market trends and on the most popular asset classes among Italian originators.

130 FINANCE is the Editor of the site and is committed to maintain and update its contents towards the community of site users and visitors, which has always been using as the reference source of information to analyze the trends and the developments of the Italian securitization market which is now living its second decade of business.

The scope and the commitments of the Editor of the site are confirmed for the future. The list of priorities that are driving, and that will drive, the ongoing site management policy con be listed in the following bullet points.

  • To maintain the focus on the Italian primary market on an independent analytical perspective
  • To provide a comprehensive database of the public deals originated from collaterals originated in Italy and to maintain also a coverage on private ones
  • To present on a timely and standardized manner, all the details concerning a deal
  • To preserve the integrity of the database of deals datasets that has been collected since the inception of the Italian market in 1999
  • To inform about major developments affecting domestic and international regulatory framework related to securitisation
  • To produce research on an independent basis
  • To improve the quality of site contents by mean of a continuous debate with regulators, industry participants and the community of users
  • To check the feedback given by the community of users
  • To contribute to the healthy growth of the Italian securitization market in the future
  • To develop the international knowledge on the Italian securitization market also through the editing of an English and Italian mirror version of the site

130 FINANCE professionals, that are in charge of maintaining and developing the contents of the site, together with 130 Group colleagues, are in the business before the beginning of the Italian securitization market in 1999, and are involved, on a daily basis, in many management and analytical activities related to the structuring, the collateral and transaction performance monitoring and the ongoing deal and SPVs management.