Italian Securitisation Resources


Instant and Complete Access to Mission Critical Data

Subscribing you have complete access to the database of the securitisation Deals closed in Italy after Law 130/99, providing technical and quantitative information about each Deal. Using the available search engines, you can set up and download aggregate datasets. All the data can be exported to PDF quickly and easily.



Registered Users can access to detailed and comprehensive data of each public Deals, issued by SPV/SSPE (Special Purpose Vehicles/ Special Security Purpose Entity) enrolled in the List of Financial Vehicle Corporations.


Reports and Deals Data

The Research section offers several securitisation Researches viewable by Registered Users.


Regulation Section

Registration allows you to be on going updated about Italian laws and regulation on securitisation and other relevant technical documentation.


More Registration advantages

Every month edits the Report on Italian securitisation market and Covered Bond market and the Six-monthly Report on NPL market'.